The PC-Strand product range is used primarily for prefabricated concrete elements, hollow core slabs, beams, TT-slabs or railway sleepers and in post tensioning constructions such as bridges, silos or off-shore applications.

Our Low Relaxation PC-Strand product range consists of 3- and 7-wire strands made from high-quality wire rod in various steel grades, depending on the application.

AII PC-Strands are available with either plain or indented surface. The standard tensile strengths are 1770 MPa and 1860 MPa. Our 3-wire strand wires are of uniform thickness. In our 7-strands, the core wire diameter is at least 3 % greater than that of the outer helical wires.

The standard geometric and mechanical properties of each coil are tested in our own laboratory in accordance with the EN ISO 15630-3 standard. FNsteel is also constantly monitored by the relevant standards authorities, ensuring that product standards are fully met.

Our PC-Strands are delivered in precision-wound coils and have excellent pay-off properties. The standard coil weight for 3-wire strands is 1.4 or 2 tonnes, and 3, 4 and 5 tonnes for 7-wire strands coils. Bespoke coils can also be manufactured to customer specifications. The PC-Strands are also available with protective wrapping.
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7-wire PC-strand by
for Finland

Certification 0807
7-wire PC-strand
by GlobeCert
for Sweden
Certification 1401
7-wire PC strand
by GlobeCert
for Norway
Certification 14382
7-wire PC-Strand
by CARES for
UK and 
Certification 1509
7-wire PC strand
by GlobeCert
for Denmark

3-Wire Strands

Mechanical properties

Coil sizes

7-Wire Strands

Mechanical properties 

Coil sizes 

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